Environmental Education

​​​It will stimulate your awareness and moral responsibility about nature. We help you consider your task in nature preservation, such as marine or forest Ecology. Three days course of practicing and doing fundaments environmental theory for our young generation.


  • Course stimulates young generation to campaign nature & wildlife preservation awareness and environmental stewards.
  • Understand environmental issues, Global Issues Network (GIN), and concept, i.d. leave no trace, 4R, bio-pori, ploughing and planting, live without plastics, waste-sorting.
  • Promote intercultural understanding and international friendship through the activities of member schools.

DURATION: 2-3 Days

OUTCOME: Respect to the nature & human being & AGENT OF CHANGE.



*Another modified and customized program according to your institution needs.

Youth Jungle Survival

An educational adventure combined with practical jungles survivor skills with expert instructor and highly trained officer from Indonesian Special Forces, The Red Beret, Kopassus, in joyful and friendly atmosphere.

Environment Coaching Class

The program gives you a memorable experience and inspires you to make a difference in nature preservation.

e.g. Coral Reef Restoration/Coral Day, Mangrove Forest Conservation

Community Service Learning

Step outside of your convenience environments and broaden your horizons, your educational, developmental and social goals. Strengthen your senses of social engagement and nationalism.

Wildlife Conservation Program

Specialized in many wildlife exploration and expedition, such as Orang-utan, Sumatran Elephant, Komodo, be the witness of the greatest Indonesian wildlife closely and also Change your paradigm about snakes, encounter with the closest wildlife in human environment. Practicing snake bites first aid, snake identification, snakes handling are kinds of lesson in snake basic training.