​​We ask you to “Pause” for a while from daily routine to discover Leadership Skills, Friendship, Freedom & Values, and to seek a meaningful life afterwards and honour your school’s values in outdoor or indoor environment.


Course stimulates participants to out from their comfort zones. We  believe that education should be exciting, fun and challenging. It learns about living values and school wide values. Develop each child’s IQ, EQ and SQ through a variety of multi-sensory activities and creative awareness with some certain methodologies.


Beginner (2-4 days)

Three until four adventurous days by practicing climbing basic techniques, knotting, and learn to be more independent in nature and also in residence area will give another experience for youth. Minimum Age: 7

Intermediate (3-5 days)

Wilderness basic skills combined with trekking, and orienteering in the middle of Indonesian rain forest, sea sand of Bromo, the magnificent Jatiluhur Reservoir, or a breath taking camp site,  beautiful beachside of Bali, or remote area in Toraja will help the youth seeking the meaningful life through nature towards your comfort zone.

Minimum Age: 15


Self-Esteem, Empowerment, Positive peer influence, Integrity, Honesty, Respect.


Safety Management, Basic Rock Climbing, Basic Canoe or Kayak, Basic Survival Skills, Orienteering Skills of Navigation (Map + Compass).


​*Another modified and customized program according to your institution needs.

Youth Discovery Camp

This multi-days tailored (Full outdoor, half-and half, or full Indoor) adventures help you to enrich your adaptation ability out from your comfort zones. It will increase and develop your awareness and self-leadership. It can be customized according to your needs, institutional/cultural / philosophical background in order to get maximum results.

Leadership & Organizational Skills

We do believe that LEADERS ARE NOT BORN! THEY ARE MADE, like just anything else, THROUGH HARD WORK! You’re the chosen one, the best of the best, the special team that should be treated extraordinarily. We challenge you to full fill your vocation as a true leader by practicing your hard and soft skills within organization.

Student Orientation Program

Our class is not an ordinary classroom, begin your institution’s year with us, we create superb adventurous experiences filled with joy and positive values.